The Green Team is sponsoring a Going Greener challenge this spring, similar to one we did in 2013. The challenge is to make us think differently about transportation options, and take action by walking or biking for errands and trips less than a mile.

For every four times you walk or ride your bike instead of driving, some members of the Green Team will donate $1 to New Community Project. In 2013, we hit $50, but we can do more this year, so the goal/cap is $100 for our 2019 challenge.

The challenge will take place during April and May. Use your own judgement on a goal distance to walk or bike. And use your own judgement on how you count trips when multiple people walk or bike together. The point is to get kids and adults thinking differently about transportation. And please be safe!

Cards are available by the window in the Narthex, to record your efforts. Or you can use your own cards or paper at home if you want. Records will be collected in the Narthex on the blue ribbons, or you can send them in via email in May when follow-up announcements are sent out. If you need inspiration or reminders about what you or others did in 2013, those cards are in a bundle in the box for you to peruse.

Let’s get started! We want to help New Community Project, and our planet Earth as soon as possible!

Contact Ramona, Nancy B., or Nina if you have questions.