Pastor Rob Miller

My family and I joined the Northview Church of the Brethren on their journey in February of 2010 when I was called as their new pastor. Now that a few years have passed, I continue to be excited about the directions the Northview Congregation is taking as we continue to explore what it means to be a people of faith in an ever changing world.

As the pastor of this congregation, I appreciate our progressive approach to the Bible, in which we bring to the text honest, and often difficult, questions. I also appreciate the awareness that at times we must be satisfied with ambiguity when it comes to how the text answers those questions. I often say that we’re more interested in the questions than we are the answers, and recognize that at the heart of true faith is the ongoing struggle to accept what can only be defined as a mystery. It’s out of these realities that my preaching arises, with an honest, and even critical, approach to the Bible that seeks to contextualize, deconstruct, and often reinterpret what we find in this ancient text.

When not in pastoral mode, I enjoy bicycling, cooking (and of course eating), spending time with my family at home and at the ballpark, listening to music, working in our yard, being in the great outdoors, and reading. Since ministry is a second career for me, my first one being an automotive and heavy truck technician, I also enjoy working on our cars when I have time. And, while I’m always open to car questions, I can almost guarantee that you’ll get more of an explanation than you had planned on. I am a preacher after all.

My vision for this congregation is that we continue to cultivate a ministry in which all are welcome, and that all can find this a safe place to explore the hard questions about faith, life, God, and religion. My theology in a nutshell is that God loves you no matter what, and as a congregation I hope all who come into our presence experience that awareness through those of us who gather here on a regular basis. I believe Northview has something unique to offer those who have found they no longer fit in the traditional church, and hope that, if this defines you, you’ll check us out!

Congregational Leadership

Northview uses the congregational leadership model recommended by the Church of the Brethren, in which final authority for congregational decisions resides with the full gathered body. As in most congregations of the Church of the Brethren, a Church Board is given responsibility for programming, maintenance, and outreach ministries in close coordination with the Pastor, who serves as the spiritual leader of the congregation. Both the Pastor and the Church Board are accountable to the gathered body.